Black Friday Means Bad News for NFL Coaches and Managers

“Black Monday” has become a day of infamy in the competitive world of the National Football League. This is the day that follows the conclusion of the regular season, and a day that may upset some head coaches and managers.

It’s a time to clean up shop for football franchises, and they wasted no time this year as it was reported that three head coaches have been fired so far. Among this list includes Rex Ryan who has been the head coached the New York Jets since 2009, Mike Smith the head coach of the Falcons, and Marc Trestman who was the head coach of the Chicago Bears.

Many fans were alerted by the confirmation of the firings on Twitter were the teams would express how the coaches and managers will be parting ways.

It appears that New York Jets and the Chicago Bears are trying to make a real effort to reinvent their team as they also fired John Idzik, who was the Jets team’s general manager, and Phil Emery, the Bears’ general manager.

These teams have failed to meet the standards that the sports team’s owners have expected, and when the teams fail to hold a solid regular season and post-season records. These coaches get paid substantial money to coach and manage these teams and when the teams do not produce, and then there is no other option because the coach is seen as responsible for a team’s progression.


Photo : Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

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