Donald Trump Attacks LeBron James on Twitter

Donald Trump took the GOAT debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan to a whole new level.

The 45th President of the United States of America used Twitter as an outlet to take a cheap shot at James following an interview with Don Lemon, a news anchor for CNN.

King James had stated that Trump was using sports as a medium for dividing the country, saying:

“I think athletics are important, but also their mind. When you’re part of sports, it just brings so much camaraderie and so much fun. We are in a position right now, in America, more importantly, where this whole race thing has taken over. One, because I believe our President is kinda trying to divide us. He is. I don’t want to say kinda. He’s dividing us, and what I’ve noticed over the last few months is that he’s kind of used sport to kind of divide us.”

Clearly, Trump did not like the fact that the best basketball player in the world was speaking negatively about him on live television, causing him to tweet an immature response that angered many.

When you insinuate that a player as accomplished as LeBron James is dumb, its fair to expect a public outcry in support of the 12-time All-NBA First Team honoree, and that’s precisely what happened.

Several athletes would express their disgust with his ignorant and insensitive comments in support of their fellow professional.

Here are just a few examples of the many tweets that publically denounced Trump’s idiotic remarks:

And there are plenty more where that came from.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver also voiced his support for James when he stated that “He runs a very successful media company. He’s sent hundreds of students to college and just opened a school in Akron where at-risk students will receive free tuition, meals, and transportation. I greatly admire his intelligence and business acumen and have enormous respect and appreciation for what he does in his community.”

Even Michael Jordan, who Trump endorse in his tweet in favor of James, stepped up to defend LeBron. He said that he “supports LJ, He’s doing an amazing job for his community.”

This isn’t the first lovers spat between POTUS Trump and LeBron James, as the two have been going at it for some time. James has often expressed his lack of support for our President and has even said he would consider running himself if he knew that Trump was bound to get re-elected.

James has also made these feelings visual on Twitter. One example of this was when Trump rescinded the Golden State Warriors invitation to the White House following their NBA Finals victory, to which LeBron replied: “U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain’t going! So therefore ain’t no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!”

Whatever the circumstances, no matter what LeBron James has said or did in the past, this type of behavior from the leader of our country is unacceptable. Trump has to understand that he isn’t a businessman anymore, he is a politician. He needs to realize that he is in the public eye and is bound to be under a tremendous amount for media scrutiny for anything he says, especially when he makes comments such as these that are unfounded and could be considered racist. He is supposed to be a role model for United States citizens and letting your emotions get the best of you has no place in the office.

As if his words weren’t bad enough, they couldn’t have come at a worse time. This statement was made just days after James opened up the IPromise School to help inner-city kids receive a quality education.

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