Forbes Names Texas A&M As Most Valuable College Team

The Texas Longhorns used to rule the roost with regards to raking in revenue and profit in the college football financial world. The Longhorns have an average $10 million per year coming from Nike and even more coming from an ESPN deal for the Longhorn Network. The team makes $31 million solely from advertising and licensing. The Longhorns made $100 million before any other team, but now the tides have changed.

Following their 2012 move to the SEC, the school’s monetary funds surged. SEC football schools will now get $41 million annually for distribution throughout the conference. Texas A&M has received many contributions from donors. As such, the team has received substantial increases in funds over the past couple of seasons. From 2014 to 2017, the team earned $260 million in contributions and averaged $148 million in revenue per year.

The Aggies’ athletic department spent the profits on College Station’s Kyle Field renovation (which cost $485 million) as well as new stadiums for the track and field and softball teams. The team also hired Jimbo Fisher, honoring him with a 10-year contract in which he will get $7.5 million annually. Fisher coached Florida State for 7 years, and LSU for 6 years before that.

Texas A&M beat Northwestern State (59-7) in late August, but the team then lost to No. 2 ranked Clemson last Saturday 28-26. Many suspect that the team’s donor support will fade if they are unable to show improvement on the field. They play Louisiana-Monroe on Saturday and then on to Alabama on September 22nd. Alabama, who is currently No. 1 ranked, is looking prosperous this upcoming season following their win last year. They are ranked fourth with $59 million in profits and $127 million in profits, right behind Michigan and the two Texas schools.

Featured Image via Flickr/Stuart Seeger

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