Indianapolis Colts Linebacker, Josh McNary, Accused of Rape

Josh McNary, the Indianapolis Colts backup linebacker, has been accused of raping a twenty nine year old woman.

The professional football player is being charged with rape, criminal confinement with bodily injury and battery resulting in bodily injury, which took place on December 1.

The woman, whose name was not released, claims that she did not know who the man was, but the two of them got into a fight where she scratched up different areas of his body. Then she stated that the sexual assault took place immediately after. She claims she took a cellphone she found from the man’s apartment, and handed it over to the police. After authorities further investigation and probable cause affidavit, McNary was arrested and charged for the crime.

The 29 year old also was shown a picture of McNary, and claimed that he did indeed look familiar to her, but she was not positive.

When police arrived at McNary’s apartment, he instantaneously stated that, “I know why you are here.” According to a report from the police, McNary had preserved evidence because he assumed they would be coming.

McNary’s attorney released this statement about the alleged incident, “The charges and affidavit publicly disseminated on Wednesday afternoon are not evidence of wrong doing but simply one side’s story. Joshua has full and confidence in the American way, including its justice system, which he pledged to protect and defend as a West Point graduate and lieutenant in the United States Army.”

This whole scene appears to be mischievous. How was the woman not able to identify or remember the man, and how come she cannot recall what exactly happened? There appears to be a lot of missing information and potential questions regarding what went on between the two of them.

McNary has recently been put on the NFL exempt list. The Colt’s gave this statement regarding this recent decision, “After reviewing the documents supporting the very serious criminal charges filed yesterday afternoon against Josh McNary, the Colts have requested Commissioner Goodell to immediately place Josh on the league’s Commissioner Exemption list. That designation will permit the investigation provided by the league’s Personal Conduct Policy to run its course and will afford Josh the opportunity to focus on his defense against the charges. The Colts sincerely hope this extraordinarily serious matter will be resolved expeditiously and that justice will prevail.”

McNary is currently unable to attend games or practices until all investigating settles and a court decision is made.


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