Ireland women’s team switch to navy shorts to tackle period anxieties

The Ireland women’s rugby squad made an exciting statement about a radical change in their sense of style. In lieu of the team’s signature white shorts, blue shorts will be worn instead. What led to this revolution in clothing? The nation’s rugby union (IRFU) said on Tuesday that players had expressed worries over menstruation anxiety.

The navy shorts will make their debut during the team’s forthcoming game against Wales in the women’s Six Nations opener on March 25, much to the pleasure of the supporters.

Enya Breen, a well-known Ireland international, applauded the choice and said it will boost women’s confidence in rugby at all levels. She clarifies, “Eliminating any pointless distractions is the greatest way to guarantee that we provide our best effort on the field. Even if it seems little, switching from white to blue shorts is a significant step for us.”

It’s interesting to note that West Bromwich Albion, an English women’s soccer club, did the same thing last season, replacing their white home shorts with blue ones because the players were worried about their comfort during their periods.

The topic of female athletes wearing white attire has been brought up before. Female tennis players at Wimbledon last year brought up their worry over having to wear white. It seems that change is in the air, and it won’t be long until other sports disciplines realise how crucial it is to meet women’s requirements in a comprehensive and varied way.