Kevin Durant: A Warrior For Life

There have been multiple reports that Kevin Durant is likely to leave the Warriors, aspiring to play for real competition and challenging the dynasty. While Kevin Durant appears to be the most likely player out of the Warriors dynasty to get the boot, since he was not drafted and was only there for a couple of years, there may still be hope for Warriors fans to retain their superstar.

Strategy of the GM

Bob Myers is a very intelligent and intellectual general manager of the league. He orchestrated quite possibly the greatest lineup of stars, simply through drafting players and seeing the growth and potential of them that other people cannot. He was lucky enough to retrieve Steph Curry, steal Klay and Draymond late in the draft, and was able to receive even more talent for the future of the Warriors in Jordan Bell. Many people believe Myers is already light years ahead of the competition in the league, already planning to construct the next batch of superstars and building the next dynasty. Signing Kevin Durant seems far less challenging than any of the insurmountable tasks that he was able to overcome so far in his tenure with the team.

Strategically, the Warriors have already implemented several strategies to convince Kevin Durant to stay. Right off the bat of the regular season, in the first night of the regular season, Kevin Durant received the loudest applause from Oracle Arena as he received his ring last. Another strategy was allowing Kevin Durant, the sole member from the team, the first player to have an inside look at the construction of the new Chase Center for the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco, giving him special treatment. And recently, between the heated argument between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors organization suspended Green for one game for his behavior to tempt Durant to leave the team in free agency. Many people believed that Green’s suspension was a clear indication that the team has taken a side with Durant, prompting them that Durant would be given special treatment. All of these pieces would come over as a domino effect to influence Durant to stay.

Silicon Valley

One of the main reasons Kevin Durant decided to change the league forever by creating a dynasty into the Warriors is because of his desire to make the connections inside the Silicon Valley. He wants to remain relevant and be an influence, similar to LeBron James’ presence in the entertainment industry, so he wants to be a recognizable figure and make the connections to these technological giants, hoping to secure a future outside of his basketball career in post-retirement era, when that inevitable time of throwing in the towel comes.


One word. Dynasty. Kevin Durant enjoyed his time with the Warriors, getting the loudest fan base, having all-star teammates who support and critiques and improves on his playing styles, and can continue onto his legacy as one of the greatest if he stays on one of the greatest teams assembled. He would be disappointed, looking back on this decision, winning fewer championships outside of the Warriors and understanding that he is the primary and ultimate reason that the Warriors’ dynasty is broken.

Kevin Durant may want to see the run of this dynasty to the very end and could very likely stay as a Warrior for the remainder of his career.

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