Liverpool to raise season ticket prices, fans cry foul

For the first time in eight years, Liverpool Football Club has confirmed that the cost of its season tickets for the next season would rise. The Premier League team, which announced the price increase on Tuesday, claims that it is a result of the club’s increasing operating expenses. The club’s Supporters Board, meanwhile, has described the choice as “cruel and unfair.” The club will maintain ticket rates for juniors and the neighbourhood general sale frozen at nine pounds ($11) each. Season ticket prices will only rise by a maximum of 17 pounds.

Liverpool noted in a statement that the price hike was brought on by the club’s overall major expense increases. Anfield’s yearly operational expenses have climbed by about 40% over the previous five years, while this season’s electricity bills have soared by 100%. The LFC Supporters Board, meanwhile, blasted the price increase, calling it “cruel, unjust, unjustified, and unfair.” The cost of living problem in Britain, where yearly inflation is still around 10%, coincides with this rise.

Liverpool is presently boasting record earnings, increasing sponsorship money, and tremendous success on the field, according to the Supporters Board. They suggested substitutes like sponsorship agreements and stand naming rights to make money equal to the 2% price increase.

Liverpool would not get any money from the Champions League the next year if they do not win it or place in the top four of their domestic league. The club will travel to Real Madrid on Wednesday night for the second leg of their Champions League round of 16 contest after losing the first leg 5-2 at home in mid-February. Real Madrid is now sixth in the Premier League rankings.