New Spain coach unveils women’s team with most World Cup winners

Montse Tome, Spain’s new coach, named most of the Women’s World Cup winners on Monday for matches against Sweden and Switzerland after they looked to halt their boycott.

The list includes 15 of the 23 cup-winning players and Mapi Leon and Patri Guijarro, who signed an open letter against then-coach Jorge Vilda and were not called up for the World Cup.
At a news conference, Tome stated she had spoken to the players but would not say what they discussed.

“Time is ticking on a new phase. She stated we want to connect with these players and have nothing behind us.

On Friday, 39 players, including 21 of the 23 cup-winning squad, demanded more changes at the country’s football organization after Luis Rubiales’ resignation and Jorge Vilda’s replacement failed to convince them to return.

The boycott began after 81 players protested Rubiales’ allegedly uninvited kiss on Jenni Hermoso’s lips in Sydney after Spain won the event.

The Monday squad roster did not include Hermoso.

“We stand with Jenni… we believe this is the best way to protect her, but we are counting on her,” Tome stated.

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