NFL Head Coaches on the Hot Seat

We’re a little more than halfway through the 2018 regular season and it is beginning to become more clear on which coaches will likely be cleaning out their desks after the season. Here are the coaches whose jobs could be in jeopardy.


Vance Joseph, Denver Broncos

Joseph barely stuck around after his first year in 2017 but much of the blame was put on the fact that they did not have a quarterback so John Elway opted to spare him after a 5-11 season. This year hasn’t gone much better so far. They are 3-6 and in 3rd place in the AFC West. They’ve had some ugly games this year including a blown 10-point 4th quarter lead against the Chiefs and a blowout loss against the Jets who have plenty problems of their own but we’ll get to that later. Case Keenum certainly hasn’t ben much of an upgrade from the quarterbacks they trotted out last year but Elway is growing impatient and it is likely that Joseph is gone after the season.


Todd Bowles, New York Jets

This has been quite a rollercoaster of a season for the Jets. Starting with their impressive opening week win on the road against the Lions followed by three dreadful losses to the Dolphins, Browns, and Jaguars. Things looked to be improving with two nice wins against the Broncos and Colts but they have regressed since against the Vikings, Bears, and Dolphins. Bowles is in his 4th year as head coach but the Jets have not seen much if any improvement over that span. Despite a fluky 10-6 record in his first year, Bowles is looking at possibly a third consecutive 5-11 record. He has not shown improvement with his game management skills and the Jets will likely want to replace him with someone who can really help their rookie quarterback Sam Darnold grow.


Dirk Koetter, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs have been a mess this season flip flopping back and forth between Jameis Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick. They also have one of the worst defenses in the league which is ranked 27th. Koetter was already on the hot seat to start the season and his inability to groom Jameis Winston into a quality quarterback will likely be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.


Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers

McCarthy has been on the hot seat from what seems like every year since they’ve won the super bowl in 2011. The Packers are very much alive in the NFC North but McCarthy’s time is almost up in Green Bay. There have been reports that he and Aaron Rodgers have been butting heads, which always seems to be the case, and there is zero chance Rodgers is going anywhere. Rodgers still has plenty in the tank and the Packers may want to find a coach who can maximize the remaining years he has left.


Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

Speaking of coaches who seem to forever be on the hot seat, Jason Garrett has been able to survive year after year. He is the 2nd longest tenured coach in franchise history behind Tom Landry. Even Troy Aikman has called for the organization to have a complete overhaul. Jerry Jones is loyal to Garrett but at some point he needs to do what is best for the organization. Dak Prescott has regressed since his fantastic rookie campaign and they should be looking at bringing in a coach who can get him back to where he is capable of playing.

Long time sports fan, first time writer. I played a little college football at American International College (You probably have never heard of it). My favorite teams consist of the Jets, Yankees, Rangers, and Knicks. While three of those teams have brought me nothing but stress, I wouldn't want it any other way.

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